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kittychix's gameplay for Minesweeper Flags (X360)

kittychix played Minesweeper Flags

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kittychix said...
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Minesweeper Flags

Minesweeper Flags (X360)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 11/FEB/09
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So what do you think of Minesweeper Flags?
It's not a bad little game. Got my one achievement from campaign...A lot of the achievements are bloody stupid though. Play against Expert AI? Um...how is that supposed to be FUN?
yeah achievements look brutal, that annoys me =)
It's like, Game devs think, oh, well, unless I make this achievement hard, no one is going to replay this game. Hm, maybe they should learn from H3, GOW, etc...those games last LOOOOONG past their original achievements...and I'm not just talking about DLC either...
Yeah I see it a lot more in Arcade games for some reason. I don't see the point. But I agree, they need to learn from good games, for stuff like achievements, party systems, and features, yet they never do.
I guess a lot of it is that they are budget titles. They're probably on stupidly short dev cycles, and it's quite possible that they just don't THINK about what it means - it's not like they themeslves are playing their game after it ships, they're probably onto the next game by then...and maybe that's just it. They aren't playing their games. All complete hypothetical, I've not had the chance to talk to many arcade devs...
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