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kittychix's gameplay for Hannah Montana: The Movie (X360)

kittychix earned achievements in Hannah Montana: The Movie

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kittychix said...
No description entered yet...
Hannah Montana: The Movie

Hannah Montana: The Movie (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Action Adventure
Release Date: 07/APR/09
100 points
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What what what?!
How are the minigames? Did you see the movie =)
Minigames are...interesting. Playing basically a rhythem game that Isn't made to be played on plastic instruments....yeah....lol.

And no, I'm not allowed to see the movie. I'll catch it on instant watch ;)
I don't think I could go back to not playing with plastic instruments. I am going to add it to my gamefly queue, although the movie isn't going in the netflix queue.
The achievements are pretty spaced out - but that being said, the first achievement I got was worth 100gs....

I don't think Disney's quite figured out how to make a 360 game appealing to girls yet. They have the foundation there, but they don't have enough achievements focused on the decoration aspect or buying stuff - and I think that's kinda key to cracking that target market. Maybe that's sexist to say (is it sexist, if a female is saying it?), but how many more girls would then get bitten by the achievement bug?

Sigh, girls should just have more damn selection...
Yeah I think the killer dress up app is missing, since there just isn't that many clothing options even for avatars on 360.

Although I would bet Rock Band has wider appeal to females then Hannah Montana. Although the music selection for younger folks isn't quite there in Rock Band, so maybe Lego Rock Band will fix it.... Although is legos still more of a male thing?

I was amused by Trina's avatar commentary on the last concall. While I wouldn't quite have stated it that way, she's right, the selection of stuff sucks. What I don't get is why we can't have variations on the available stuff (ie, 1 shirt, 5 colours, etc.)

I was looking specifically at the target market age of Hannah Montana though. The "tween"ish girls. What games do they really have? XBLA, ok, there's some decent stuff there. But in retail? Basically Lego (which is definitely gender neutral!!!) and movie game knock-offs. Honestly, I wish to GOD they'd get the Carmen Sandiago games on there. Then go after the games like Blue's Clues, Dora the Explorer, etc. Those games exist on PC, so why the hell can't they be brought over?

MS has stated in the past that they're all for stuff like that, supporting the 360 as a Family console, ok, there's a way to do it - now where are the Devs? And honestly, saying that the 360 controller is too complicated is a BS statement. I know more kids these days who can use a Computer you know? Hello, there are HELL of a lot more keys on a proper keyboard then on a controller.

Sigh. Educational games haven't been touched at all - why not?
Well I was also thinking they have signing and dancing stuff like High School Musical.

Yeah I never understood the complicated controller comment, since kids pick that stuff up so fast.

I personally want Oregon Trail for arcade. I was never that good at Carmen Sadiego, Geography was never my thing. Wondering if they will ever do something like 1 versus 100 prime time gaming but for a younger audience.
That would certainly make the most sense....

Carmen Sandiego had other games though, that weren't based on Geogrpahy. My all-time favourite was the Time one. I think that game actually may have started my fascination with Ancient Egypt...

OO, true, I forgot about the HSM games. Although, again, movie knock offs...

I mean, the biggest argument you see coming from women gamers (who are, admittedly, among that 1% of the hardcore) is that they don't want to HAVE to play the barbie games, why can't they play the car games - and I have no problem with that. But, that being said, why not have both? I can speak from personal experience, the Nancy Drew pc games sell INCREDIBLY well - so why not have thoes on Xbox?
Again, Devs claim they want to think outside the box....but god is it hard to actually get them to act on it. I'm not asking for original IP here, just Choice.

If it takes a little girl picking up one of the Imagine series by Ubisoft to get her interested, so be it - she's now PLAYED a game.
HA. Now i see why you were all, what's this game..I didin't realize I was the first to have played it....
Yeah I am surprised they don't go through and put more of the hidden object games you can find on the web out on arcade. I wouldn't mind seeing them open up the firehouse a bit and put a few titles out a week.

You were my only friend to play it, but other people have. You just can't see it unless you click "All" under game current. It defaults to highlights. So only this thread shows up since no one else has commented on their gameplay.

So you like totally own this game page right now =)
Haaahaahaa, Woot for me - my one DNA claim to fame is being the first to 'own' this game page. *snicker*

I've ping'd the PopCap guys to please put some of their hidden object games up, but that being said, there are some design flaws that would have to be addressed. My biggest issue with Interpol was that it's tough at times to a, figure out what the heck the object is, and b, the more 'busy' the scene, the harder to see it is. I primarily play on a 32" tv, and I have trouble at times. On the 61" tv downstairs, it's not that bad, but with stuff like that, it can get painful, fast. That, and there needs to be an option to move around faster, the cursor is often too slow. Point-and-Click on PC is just so much faster.

Or maybe they can finally get Xbox to develop the mouse and keyboard, lol!
I often forget that everyone is not playing in HDTV, it would probably be painful to play hidden object at a low resolution. I didn't get interpol yet, since I am just not a fan of the series. I got the millionheir game for the DS, but haven't really played it past a few puzzles.

You should start uploading all your screenshots of Hannah Montana, then you would really own the page ;)
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